The ZDAY Survival Simulator App



If you that when World War Z (zombie uprising) starts that getting a gun and ammo is going to save you, then think again! Check out this ZDAY Survival Simulator app, if you think that, the zombie uprising could actually happen or even if not, this is an app that could really save your life, it could be the best £1.50 that you have ever spent, unless you bought this weeks winning Euro Millions lottery ticket of course.



These are some of the details on the ZDAY Survival Simulator HD app;


The sophisticated game engine keeps track of every decision that you make, and keeps a running tab on your survival probability based on the choices you make. So keep your wits about you, and choose carefully, because one wrong move could have you facing a zombie horde or roving bands of trigger-happy looters.

The detailed results given after the player has completed the challenge provides very useful insight to what he may have done right and wrong. If the player wants to try again he can, and since the game engine reshuffles many of the exact events, ZDAY Survival Simulator is never exactly the same twice.


This app is available to download from the iTunes store for $1.99 or £1.49


Source [Cool Material]