You Call That A Speaker – This Is a Speaker!



Jawbone are well known for creating some interesting designs that have a look all of their own. A while ago, they launched the Jambox portable sound system, but now they have come with the Big Jambox and yes, you have guessed it, this time are bigger; in fact, it is around twice the size and has battery capable of delivering around fifteen hours of sound.



These are the details for the interesting and large Big Jambox speaker;



BIG #JAMBOX turns any phone, tablet or mobile device into a portable, hi-fi sound system. Now you can play music, movies and games and fill even the largest spaces with sound. Precision-tuned drivers and dual passive bass radiators work in concert to produce amazingly clear, full audio at any volume.


Priced at £185 ($300)


Source [Geeky Gadgets]