Facebook Aims To Save Lives



Social media and particular Facebook have been credited for assisting the uprisings in certain countries last year. However, Facebook are taking this caring feel a bit further and onto another level by introducing a feature, that identifies them as an Organ Donor! This feature has been rolled out in the US and is a little bit problematic in some regions of the world including the UK. However, for any UK user wanting to tell the world about their donor status, then they will be pleased to know that the National Health Service Blood and Transplant department has joined the Facebook scheme.



According to a posting on the Facebook Newsroom by Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, this is how it will work;


Starting today, you can add that you’re an organ donor to your timeline, and share your story about when, where or why you decided to become a donor. If you’re not already registered with your state or national registry and want to be, you’ll find a link to the official donor registry there as well.


Facebook’s mission is simple: to make the world more open and connected. But the Facebook community has also shown us that simply through sharing and connecting, the world gets smaller and better. Even one individual can have an outsized impact on the challenges facing another, and on the world. At Facebook, we call that the power of friends.


Source [Techcrunch]