How To Make Sure All Jobs Are Completed



It is possible that on certain days the workforce might slip slightly into bad habits, this especially happens on a Friday afternoon. So how does the canny employer ensure that all the jobs that need to be done are completed by the end of the day? Well installing a fridge full of beer that opens only when every job is complete might work. The fridge in question is part of a marketing plan run by a Brazilian marketing firm, but I can see this happening even in this office, so what time is beer o’clock? I would prefer a glass of Merlot but a drinks a drink especially when it is free!



This is what the people behind the timesheet fridge this is what it’s all about;


We know filling out timesheet is mandatory, but it can also be fun. See how JWT and Casa got their employees to do their timesheet and feel happy about it.



Source [Crave]



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