Bing Goes For A Fresh New Look



When we first started out surfing the internet, search engines were merely directories with titles and links to pages. However, as the revolution took a grip of search the results pages have become cluttered and in many cases, the user is unable to tell the difference between a search result and an advert. Microsoft’s Bing have looked at this and acted upon it by making a few changes to results pages making them fresh and clear to understand. Currently this new look is being tried out in the US, but it seems that Bing will need to do a lot more if it want to grab a substantial piece of Google’s search action.



According to a posting on the Bing Blog by the Bing Team, they say;


The results themselves are cleaner. Removing the “left rail” and minimizing the header raises the level of consistency and predictability while making it easier to scan the page and quickly find the information you want.   Increasing the space between lines improves readability and optimizes the page for touch devices.  Putting all our result annotations and social data in one consistent spot makes the page easier to use and understand.


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