The Hammock And Sleeping Bag Mash Up



If your love camping be it at festivals or in the wilderness, you may not be too keen on sleeping on the ground. so here is the answer, it’s a mash up of a sleeping bag and hammock, its compact when not in use and has been designed to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep no matter what the ground is like. It may be on the expensive side at around £112, but it has to be better than sharing your sleeping bag with some creepy crawly, isn’t it?



These are the details on the useful and compact sleeping bag that doubles up as a hammock too.


The Hammock-Compatible Sleeping Bag is a brilliant solution for hammock sleeping on cool and cold nights. Most sleeping bags compress under your back when you lay in a hammock, which crushes the insulating loft and lets your back freeze. But Grand Trunk’s Hammock-Compatible Bag wraps around you and the hammock, creating a warm, swinging nest. Hanging in the cool mountain air never felt so good.


Priced at £112 ($180)


Source [Geek Alerts]