A New And Interesting Camera Diffuser Idea



It seems that while photographers of all levels like to use natural light it is not always possible and as such they end up having to use to a flash, which also has its issues especially when the subjects are human. In order to answer this issue, Les Tirmenstein has come up with the FlashPipe an inexpensive way of diffusing the flash to produce a softer light, trouble is he needs help in getting this into production and thats where the crowd funding site Kickstarter comes in.



This is how the Flashpipe pitch on Kickstarter goes in order to attract backers;


I’ve been a professional photographer for about 30 years now.  And whenever I shoot events, or weddings, or editorial assignments, I find that sometimes I need to use on-camera flash.  I prefer natural lighting, but you don’t always get that luxury.  When you do have to or chose to, it usually looks better to use soft, diffused lighting.  This is especially true when shooting people.  There have been a lot of products out there to accomplish this and I’ve tried several, but I’ve found that in one way or another they tend to be lacking.  Either they don’t work effectively, they’re bulky or awkward in use, difficult to mount, or they’re just too expensive.  And most occupy too much space when not in use.  Some just look ridiculous and I wouldn’t want one on my camera rig.  Appearance does count for something when you’re around your clients.



The price of the Flashpipe will start from £16 ($25)


Source [Kickstarter]