Buy A Tweet To StewySongs 219K Followers



How would you like to get a tweet to the 219,000 followers @stewysongs a music related account, so if you want to get your message out to all of these Twitter users what’s it going to cost? Well £1.35 will do it and there are offers available for anyone that wants to bulk buy tweets! This is a great way of making money from your hard social media building.



Here is how this tweet deal works, according to the owner of #stewysongs Stewart;


It’s simple. Make your purchase, send me 1 message through eBay that you want me to post to my Twitter account in 140 characters or less and I will post it to my page.

For a limited time I am also offering 5 messages for the price of 4, so for every 4 messages you purchase in bulk, you get a 5th one free. i.e. Purchase 4 messages and you get 5, purchase 8 messages and you get 10 and so on


Priced at £1.35 ($2.18) for a tweet


Source [eBay]



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