Footwear Designed For Social Media Fans



No matter where you are in the world, you will find someone who uses social media; in fact, it is probably harder to find people who do not actually use social media. as such the reach of social media businesses is getting wider and in some case diverse, but maybe not quite to the level where branded shoes where available in the style of your favourite site. However, if they where, maybe they would like a little bit like this.



This is what the designer Lumen Bigott has to say about these interesting social media shoes;


I’m a big fan of inspiration blogs, I also spend a lot of time in social networks and I love fashion: those three things are responsible for this shoes collection. The idea was to find the most important graphic elements of my favorite social networks and apply them to my favorite pair of shoes trying to keep alive the essence of each brand. UPDATE: The shoes are just a concept and thus they aren’t available for sale


There are no prices for these shoes as they are currently a concept design.


Source [Technabob]