Tracking Smartphone Dock From Swivl-it



This is a smaller and less expensive version on the Swivl Smartphone dock; it offers the user a chance to benefit from all using the most of the Swivl’s features but without having to fork out the full price, which is around £112 ($180). The only real differences between the two models, is that this smaller version does not have a built in microphone or the automatic tilt features.



These are the details for the Swivl-it Smartphone camera dock;


This is the basic version. It automatically pans to follow you in 360 degrees anywhere within 10 meters. It also allows for manual vertical framing through 110 degrees. The Swivl-it is upgradeable for a CD quality microphone with the purchase of a $49 Marker accessory. It runs for four hours on standard AA and AAA batteries.


Priced at £80 ($130)


Source [Geeky Gadgets]



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