Not Green Fingered! There Is An App For That!



We all know of someone who has a completely dead plant on their desk or even in their home, they are a lost cause when it comes looking after plants and yet all of this could change with the Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor. Simply place the sensing device in the plants pot and download the free app to the smartphone or tablet device, to help the user understand when the plant needs water, a trim or some other help such as more light etc!



These are the some of the features for the Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor;


The Koubachi plant sensor has a high-precision soil moisture sensor and also measures the light intensity and temperature. Use the built-in wireless interface, the sensor sends this data to the “Koubachi Plant Care Engine”, where the data are analyzed. You will get detailed instructions to help you in caring for your plants. Thus, the plant care a breeze – even without a green thumb.


Priced at £88 ($142)


Source [Oh Gizmo]