The Gametel Bluetooth Smartphone Controller



Now it is time to take control of your mobile gaming with the controller from Gametel. It uses Bluetooth to connect to a device and offers good old fashioned buttons for complete and accurate gaming. This means that whoever uses this device has the advantage over their multiplayer friends. With a nine hour battery life, this device just keeps going and in fact will out live a Smartphone battery easily.



According to the Gametel website, this what their controller offers;


Gametel is a Bluetooth controller for Android and iOS devices. It’s also working with Windows and OS X. To make it easy for you we’ve made an app for both Android and iOS where you can find compatible games

Here are some of the features and specs for the Gametel Portable Games Controller for Android Phones and Tablet;

Portable Games Controller for Android Phones and Tablets

Connect to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth

Use Gametel with your phone in the spring loaded clamp or remotely

Enhanced gaming experience

Connect your HDMI compatible phone to your TV and play from the comfort of your sofa


Priced at £45 ($73) on Amazon


Source [Gametel]