Make Your Own Cigar Box Amp



Here is a cool idea and a great use for all of those old cigar boxes that you may have lying around the office, its ok we all have one or two! With the Stella Amp from Crazy Butable you will be able to produce your own cigar box amp, how cool is this!



These is what you get in the Wilson Stella amp kit;


Great clean tone; sounds good at low volume levels

Versatile controls, with Gain, Trim, and Level pots

Works with a wide range of supply voltages (from 3-12 volts; up to 16 volts if you replace the opamp)

1-2 watt amplifier, depending on supply voltage and output speaker (no heatsink necessary!)

Extra “Hacks” output! Turn the Stella amp into a stompbox, add headphones, a line output, or whatever strikes your fancy

Small foot print will fit in nearly any enclosure

100 percent Open Source Hardware



Price of the kit starts from £22 ($35) cigar box and other stuff is extra


Source [Geeky Gadgets]