The #GrillCube For Easy BBQ’s



It is getting to that time of the year once again when the BBQ’s start coming out, but then there is that age old issue of getting thing alight and keeping it going. Well fear not for here is the Grill Cube; it has been designed to light first and then burn evenly allowing the chef to make use of all the grill space and not just a small part in the corner.



These are the main features for the easy to use Grill Cube;


Getting the most delicious natural charcoal grilled food used to be a challenging task. If you have ever spent your time figuring out how to grill without chemicals, then you know it can be time consuming, exhausting or needs inconvenient (and often expensive) additional products.



The prices and availability of the Grill Cube are yet to be announced.


Source [Cool Material]