Touchscreen Games Made Easy With The #ROAM



Fed up with trying to play games on your iPhone using the touch screen controls, then maybe you need to ROAM! The ROAM in question here is a cool new games controller that connects to the Smartphone and offers the user actual buttons and joysticks! Winning is everything for gamers and the ROAM will give them the edge.



These are the specs for the ROAM Mobile OS Game Controller;


Works with iOS, Android 2.2 and higher and Bluetooth

Ergonomic compact design, easy portability

30 foot range, 10 hours of play, Micro USB charging

Controls include dual analog sticks, D-pad, 4 action buttons and 2 shoulder triggers

Power/Sync Button

4 game modes; iOS mode, keyboard mode, mouse mode and game pad mode

Blue power/sync LEDs and green charging LEDs


Priced at £25 ($40)


Source [Gizmodo]



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