SiliShot For Drinking Shots And Playing Golf



Drinking and golf seem to go very well together, after all the 19th hole would appear to popular stop off point. However, here we have something that is a little useful to golfers, it is a shot glass that when finished with will become a tee for the golf ball, or the other way around depending on your point of view.



These are the details on the shot glass that can also be a golf ball tee;


Made from 100% food grade silicone, the 1.5 oz. Silishot is unbreakable, BPA-free, 100% safe and uniquely multipurpose!  Shoot your favourite tequila, make jello shots or freeze leftovers.  It works wonders as a beer or wine cap, and even turns over to be a golf tee!


Priced at £3 ($5)


Source [Incredible  Things]



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