Swipe Files From One Device To Another



In the future, you will be able to move an image or file from device to another simply by flicking it with your finger! We know this because we have seen it in the movies, and now we can see it in action as an app called Swyp that is under development by Natan Linder and Alexander List at the MIT Media Lab.



Here is what Natan Linder and Alexander List have to say about the cool Swyp app;


With Swyp you can transfer any file from any app to any app on any device: simply with a swipe of a finger. Swyp is a framework facilitating cross-app, cross-device data exchange using physical “swipe” gestures. Our framework allows any number of touch-sensing and collocated devices to establish file-exchange and communications with no pairing other than a physical gesture. With this inherent physical paradigm, users can immediately grasp the concepts behind device-to-device communications. Our prototypes application Postcards explore touch-enabled mobile devices connected to the LuminAR augmented surface interface. Postcards allows users to collaborate and create a digital postcards using Swyp interactions. We demonstrate how Swyp enabled interfaces can support new generation of interactive workspaces possible by allowing pair-free gesture-based communications to and from collocated devices.



Source [Technabob]