The iHangy Secures Your iPhone



I you have ever had your iPhone stolen or left it on the train, you will know just devastating it can be. However, if you had an iHangy this would never have happened, which is something to think about. There are several versions to choose from, such as the keychain, necklace and there is even one for a handbag, they might be different but they all have one thing in common, your iPhone stays with you!



This is what you get from the interesting Smartphone accessory the iHangy;


The ihangy keychain with touch pen makes losing your iPhone a thing of the past. Thanks to its secure clip-on design, you never have to worry about your Apple device slipping out of your back pocket or getting lost in the jumble of your handbag contents again. Easy and convenient, the Ihangy keychain is made of durable surface-plated metal for added peace of mind. What’s more, the attached touch pen helps you get the most out of your iPhone’s touchscreen.


Priced at £10 ($15)


Source [iHangy]