Its Here Its The Epic 100m Sprint



For most of us stuck in offices all day long, the thought of sprinting only comes to mind when there is nobody at the coffee machine! However, as it is the year for London’s Olympic Games, we might think a little bit more about sport and luckily the folks over Epic Works decided to show us the Epic 100 metre Sprint! It is ideal and we did not even have to leave out desks, mind you, after all of that finger work, I was unable to hold a coffee cup in right hand for several minutes. This game is cool and great fun all rolled into one, its Friday give it go!



This is what the guys behind Epic Sprint have to say about this very addictive desk top game;


Its here, its finally here! The full public BETA for EPIC 100m Sprint is now available for you all to play @ for FREE

So what is it? EPIC 100m Sprint is real-time global racing… You tap two buttons to move either foot, the faster you tap the faster you run! Nice & simple and quite addictive trying to top your PB and reach the title of Worlds Fastest….

Think you could claim the top spot? Only one way to find out!



Source [Epic Works]



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