R2D2 Returns To Work As A Coffee Machine



Poor old R2-D2, he has gone from saving the galaxy to serving coffee, well it is the same for all of us these days you simply do not know what is coming from around the corner! Could this be coolest coffee machine around at the moment? Well for Star Wars fans, surely it has to be up there with the best.



These are the main features for the great looking Star Wars R2-D2 coffee machine;


Star Wars, Love it or hate it.   One thing you can’t deny is the universal love and identification of one of its side characters R2D2, the little astromech droid who could.   Only now, he even better… cause he makes me coffee.  Of course anyone who makes me coffee goes up a few notches, so why not have a world renowned icon make it for you.



If you want one these you are going to have to build your own, check out the user iminthebathroom’s page on Instuctables.


Source [R2D2 Central]