Retro Style Radio And iPhone Dock



You might think that this radio is a step back time with its retro design, but you could not be further from truth. This is the View Quest retro DAB radio and iPhone dock in red, it has that classic look and yet under that retro coat there is a beating heart of new technology working to provide top quality audio.



This is what the manufacturer has to say about the View Quest Retro DAB Radio and iPhone Dock;


The View Quest Retro Radio is a beautifully designed product, both aesthetically and technically. Combining the retro image with the DAB/FM and iPhone/iPod docking is a fairly unique feature in itself, but couple with that the portable nature of such an attractively designed docking station and you have the perfect product for both at home and on the move.


Priced at £80 ($130)


Source [Amazon]



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