This Wallpaper Stops Wi-Fi Theft



If you are worried that one of your neighbours is piggy backing on the back of your wireless network, then changing your password regularly is essential! Alternatively, you might want to consider this anti wireless wallpaper, it has been specially developed to keep snoopers out and your network safe. Sure, it is a little pricey but what price can be placed on security?



According to Pierre Lemaitre-Auger, who is a researcher at the Polytechnic Institute Grenoble Institute of Technology, where the product was developed, he said;


A wireless network is provided with protections that can be cracked by the crafty. If you put wallpaper on the walls around an office or apartment, your wifi works well but it cannot be hacked!


This wallpaper is not cheap, it will cost you around £500 for a square metre, too bad if your house in on the large side!


Source [Technabob]