What To Do When The Robopocalypse Happens



We have been saying that it is the zombies that will wipe out most of mankind, but it seems that currently zombies do not exist and so the greater threat is from robots, yes its back to the old Skynet and Terminator scenario and there is a video covering the coming Robopocalypse too!



Here is a little bit on the background of the this video covering the Robopocalypse;


Forget the zombie apocalypse–the real threat is an imminent Robopocalypse, a robot uprising! We at Epipheo care about your survival. That’s why we interviewed Daniel H. Wilson to find out exactly how to survive a robot uprising. Daniel is the world’s foremost authority on the subject and NY Times bestselling author of the book, “Robopocalypse.” Find out more about Epipheo.



Source [Laughing Squid]