The Cellhelmet Guarantees Replacement iPhone



Dropping an iPhone is one of those nightmares that we all have and normally it would mean an expensive repair or new iPhone is needed in order to get you back in business. However, not if you used the Cellhelmet case, this has to be the only case that guarantees should the worst happen you a get a new iPhone and all for $45 (£28), it’s not going to pay for water damage though!



Here is what the deal is with the Cellhelmet for the iPhone;


Repair or replace. Enjoy unlimited claims. If your iPhone 4/4S is beyond repair, we will replace it (limit one replacement per policy). If a replacement should be issued, you will need to renew your coverage by purchasing a new cellhelmet.

3-layer protection.

1 – One full year of accidental damage coverage included with every cellhelmet – administered by Global Warranty Group.

2 – Dense polyurethane rubber (TPU) shell with angled edges for drop-shock displacement around the device.

3 – Interchangeable PVC backplates for additional glass protection and customization.

Pocket sized. cellhelmet was designed with the pocket in mind – bulky cases are a thing of the past. Keep your iPhone 4/4S covered, all the while displaying its sleek and slim design.



Only available in the US and Canada at $45


Source [Mashable]