You Will Like These Facebook Cufflinks



Show your appreciation for almost anything with this Facebook Like cufflinks, just give everyone the thumbs up or the thumbs down according to what you are thinking about certain items, people or gadgets etc, show them the cuff!



These are the details on the cufflinks that we really do like;


Thumbs Up is a pair of likeable cufflinks that shows you’re hip to the social scene in such a snazzy way. Hit the town and let your sleeves do the judging. You love the mixed drink in the over-size fish bowl, that’s a thumbs up! Oh, the price of the drink is as much as your mortgage, that’s a thumb down. The possibilities are endless. The Thumbs Up Cuff Links measures 75″x .5″ Thumb is .25″ and are packaged in an awesome keepsake box.


Priced at £13 ($20)


Source [Geek Alerts]