Is This What Mark Zuckerburg Will Be Wearing



There have been plenty of complaints about how young Mark Zuckerburg is and more to the point what he wears, so here is the solution for the Facebook initial public offering (IPO) this week! He can still wear the trademark hoodie, but in this case, it is pinstriped, which will please the Wall Street suits too!



This is what the Gray Executive Pinstripe Hoodie has on offer;


After years of experimentation and one enormous bill at our local particle accelerator, the fashion physicists at Betabrand have finally combined business-suit and hoodie molecules at the subatomic level.

The result: our new, limited-edition Navy Executive Pinstripe Hoodie, a revolutionary business-casual — or casual-business, if you prefer — breakthrough, made right here in San Francisco.


Priced at £93 ($148)


Source [Incredible Things]