Fujitsu Dog Collar Monitors Activity And Health



There are some dog monitors around already but this use GPS and send a tweet to your Twitter every so often, but Fujitsu think that they are able to improve on this with their collar. Due to be announced today, Fujitsu say that their version will not only record the dogs activity, but it will monitor the dogs health too and send this data to the cloud for the owner to check up on via their Smartphone.



According to the Fujitsu press release, this is what the new collar has to offer dog owners;


In order to help dog owners manage the health of their pets using ICT, Fujitsu has leveraged its sensing technologies for humans gained in the development of the company’s mobile phones and other technologies, and has adapted them for a device that can monitor a dog’s activity levels. This new product will be employed in a cloud service that provides pet owners with assistance in managing the health of pets. Going forward, Fujitsu plans to provide this technology and service as a way to offer added peace of mind for pet owners who take the health of their pets seriously.


This collar is due to be launched today or tomorrow.


Source [Engadget]