How Many Facebook Users Click On Adverts



This is an important question for Facebook and for potential investors in the social network considering that the initial public offering (IPO) is around the corner. Yet it seems that the majority of Facebook users according to a recent survey by CNBC and Associated Press have found that 57% have never clicked on an advert! This might sound bad, but on the other hand, that means that 43% of Facebook users do click on the adverts, which is not bad business!



According to Brian Wieser, who is the Internet and media analyst at Pivotal Research Group;


“This does highlight what we are arguing is the riskiness of the overall Facebook business model. It is not a sure thing. It sure looks likely that it will be one of the most important ad-supported media properties, but it’s not certain because there will be marketers who are challenged to prove the effectiveness of the marketing vehicle.”


Source [The Telegraph]