Mendeley Manages Your Research Papers For You



Here is a nice software package that has been designed to manage your research papers easily and its free, which although is not always a major facture in why we use certain things, it allows us to see what it’s really like before taking the plunge with a paid version. Judging by what Mendeley has to offer the user; going back will not be required, as it appears to have all of the bases covered! Unless we have missed something.



This is what you can expect to be getting from the basic Mendeley software pack;


Automatically generate bibliographies

Collaborate easily with other researchers online

Easily import papers from other research software

Find relevant papers based on what you’re reading

Access your papers from anywhere online

Read papers on the go, with our new iPhone app



The basic Mendeley software pack is free to download, while the premium version will be priced from $5 (£3.15) to $10 (£6.30) per month.


Source [Mendeley]