The Quirky Double Sided USB Flash Drive



This interesting idea has a handy feature; it is a double sided flash drive offering two separate drives for your storage solutions each 4 GB in size and very handy for keeping work and personal stuff apart. This could be a life saver, as mixing work and home files can be a disaster sometimes.



Here are the features that can be found on the Quirky Split Stick 8 GB Double Sided USB Flash Drive;


Your life is naturally divided into work and play; isn’t it time your USB storage device reflected that? The Split Stick is a double-sided USB drive, designed to keep your work files separate from your personal files. With the Split Stick, you can enforce the digital divide between work and home, hers and his, G-rated and X-rated, or whatever else you choose to separate.


Priced at £19 ($30)


Source [Zurmat]