This Tesla Gun Is Real And It Works



Tesla is a name that many people may know because of the car, the school in Eureka and from the TV series Sanctuary, but like the Nikola Tesla in the TV show, he was fascinated by electricity and he work back then laid the foundations for future technology. However, it has to be the gun that really fascinates us and this was actually featured in Warehouse 13! Nevertheless, it takes genius to bring one of these to life and that is where the inventor Rob Flickenger comes in, he has made a fully operational Tesla gun and it needs to be seen to be believed.



These are the details on the one of the coolest Tesla guns around;


A battery powered Tesla coil, in the shape of a rifle. Build details here:

Sparks are quite tricky to film. There is a beautiful purple-blue corona field that can barely be seen in the vid, even with this camera (a Nikon D7000).

The maximum arc draw on this run was about 12″ or so.



Source [Gadget Teaser]