Copy Documents With The Scanbox For Smartphones



Here is a great example of something that is simple and yet nobody has thought about it before, which is the basis for any great idea! The Scanbox starts off flat for easy storage and transportation, but once built up the Smartphone can be placed on top and the document passed through the Scanbox to scan, it is simple and very cost effective.



These are the details from the Scanbox pitch on Kickstarter;


Scanbox was born from the idea that we need to use document scanners every so often, but traditional desktop scanners are far too big, expensive and cumbersome for their occasional usefulness. They take up desk space, require you to install drivers/updates and need a power source to operate. Scanbox on the other hand can be set up and packed down in seconds.



You can pre-order your Scanbox by backing the project for just £9.50 ($15) on the Kickstarter site.


Source [Geeky Gadgets]