Monmouth Is The First Wikipedia Town In The UK



A new project being run by the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia is to make the welsh town of Monmouth the first Wikipedia Town in the UK. This means that a visitor to the town who owns a Smartphone will be able to make use of the carefully placed ceramic plates with QR codes printed on them. An army of volunteers have been working hard to produce short articles and collate images, which are available to view via the QR code. It is hoped that more cities, towns and villages will join in with this in the future.



According to Roger Bamkin, who is a director of Wikimedia UK and co-creator of QRpedia, he said that;


We’re delighted that Monmouth is becoming the world’s first Wikipedia town. Both the quality and quantity of the new Monmouth Wikipedia content is outstanding, reflecting the rich cultural, historical and natural heritage of the town. At last, foreign visitors cannot only read information in their own language, but they can edit it too.


Source [Independent]



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