Laser Tag With The Smartphone AppTag



Sure if you are suggesting to anyone that laser tagging would be a great way to spend an afternoon, then you might be taking a risk. However, once a Smartphone is added into the equation, then it takes on a completely different feel altogether. This is AppTag, it works with Android and iOS powered devices, simply connect and let the battle begin; there are no prizes for those who come second in this game! Just a great deal fun and plenty of shooting with lasers, collecting health packs and other features along the way, who said that laser tagging was boring.



These are the details for the cool looking AppTag Laser Blaster;


AppTag Laser Blaster brings first person shooter console game play to Smartphone’s in the real world. As with any blaster toy, the object is to shoot your friends, but AppTag adds a whole new dimension! The free AppTag Apps keep score via Wi-Fi and players can pick up Augmented Reality Weapons, ammo packs, health Kits, and body armour in a similar way to a console game like Halo™, but this is real life, inside or outdoors!


Priced at £32 ($50)


Source [Cool Material]