Vodafone Backs The Cody Dock Project



The mobile phone service provider Vodafone is backing a project that could see a neglected dock in London regenerated in time for the London Olympics. This is a more of a community project than something directly related to the Olympics’, but it is situated on the River Lea, which actually flows past the Olympic Park on its way to the River Thames.



Here is a little bit about the Cody Dock project;


Cody Dock, built in the 1870s on the industrial Lower Lea River, has slipped through the cracks of east London’s creative regeneration, lying abandoned and sealed off for decades.

This inspiring project will see the dock opened to the public with the construction of a wooden swing bridge and community gardens.

At a stroke, we’ll be removing the final obstacle in a continuous 26-mile riverside walk, meandering from Hertfordshire to the Thames, along the banks of London’s second river.


Anyone can get involved by pledging any amount through the Spacehive site, so far the project has reached £58k, but need £140K every pound helps though.


Source [World Of Difference]