Check Out The SpareOne Emergency Phone



It is always the case when travelling or participating in extreme sports, what to do with your Smartphone! Well this is the solution, it is the SpareOne and it is just that, a spare phone for those times when your Smartphone is too precious. This phone is so easy to use, all the user has to do is; Insert their own or a new SIM card, Turn on the phone and then Call!



These are the details and specs for the SpareOne Emergency Phone;


Maintains power for up to 15 years

Works with any NiMh rechargeable, alkaline or lithium AA Battery

Works with Standard AA Batteries

10 hours talk time with (1) Energizer AA “Ultimate Lithium” Battery

White LED Torch Light

9 re-settable speed dial buttons

(1) Emergency pre-set dial button

Battery, Antenna/Network LED Status light

Tech Specs; Size: 120 x 60 x 13 mm and Weight: 75 gram


Priced at £45 ($70)


Source [Travelsfy]