CordLite Charging Cable With Illuminated Tip



This is another one of those ideas that we all know should have been produced a long time ago and yet it has taken this long for the CordLite to get this far. Still its future is uncertain, as it requires more backers through the crowd funding Kickstarter site. So far, they have managed to raise around half of what they are looking for, with just over a month to go for the CordLite cable that make charging devices easy when its dark due the LED’s placed into the tip, its simple yet very effective.



These are the details from the Kickstarter pitch;


The CordLite is a charging cable that provides illumination, enabling you to see your charging port in any low light environment. It’s so simple, that by simply picking it up or holding it, it illuminates. The touch design eliminates the need for buttons or switches and keeps the look clean and simple.  We worked really hard to design the CordLite to compliment Apple’s impeccable design.



Priced at $35 after Kickstarter, but for backing the project with $25 one of the first CordLites could be yours.


Source [Oh Gizmo]