Sony Launches Hand Cranked USB Charger



There is nearly always an occasion when the device you are using shows that the battery is getting low and there is no means of charging it either, it’s a disaster. However, Sony have an answer, it’s a hand cranked charger with USB connectivity so it is good for Smartphone’s, tablets and other devices. simply connect, crank the handle for five minutes and this will give you around a minute of internet browsing or a couple of minutes of talk time, it may not sound like a lot but in an emergency it could make all the difference.



These are the features for the hand cranking USB charger;


Sony USB portable power supply can charge such as Smartphone’s, will launch was added to the “hand-cranked charging function” new “CP-A2LAKS”. At the same time, the “Cycle Energy” a new series of six models charger set that achieves price three models battery nickel-metal hydride rechargeable two models of portable power USB, can be used repeatedly, affordability can be charged more quickly than conventional such as smart phones, models of a total of 12 will release.


Expect to see this launched next month with a price tag of around £60 ($100).


Source [Phone Arena]