R2-D2 Does Grand Theft Auto



This is something that many of us have been waiting for and it delivers exactly what we expect from it. The video shows how R2-D2 can change his appearance, jumps from the ship and lands on the streets of New York or Liberty City, whatever pleases you! Once on the ground it is just like GTA, the effects and the reactions of the pedestrians, thanks to taltigolt for all of his hard work on this.



Here is where the mod can be downloaded and what we can expect to see next time;


The mod can be downloaded here; http://brutalgamesinc.blogspot.com.au/ – I have max payne 3 on preorder so whenever that game is moddable expect videos 😀 of course I will make a maxed out graphics video to and of course gta 5 whenever that comes



Source [Kotaku]