The Growing Market For Android

There are literally hundreds of tablet devices currently on the market and with many manufacturers planning new and updated releases, this just shows how vast the market has grown in such a short time and this also means that there are new opportunities for developers to into a fresh market more or less at the ground floor.


By far most famous tablet is the iPad from Apple, but for developers looking to get into this new and exciting market, it is possible for them to make money from Android apps as this is a much larger market because most of the other manufacturers of tablet devices have chosen to go with the Android operating system from Google.


Even Amazon are getting in on the act with their App Store allowing Android tablet users to try before they buy on around five thousand apps. Sure they are only getting fifteen minutes to make their minds up, but its long enough to see if the app does what the developers claim and therefore both parties are happy in the end.


There is a useful graphic here by Millennial Media it shows us in great detail just how the market in tablets and Smartphone’s has grown, while alongside this growth developers have been busy building apps for the Android OS! The market is huge and is set to grow even further as manufacturers see the success in the tablet market.


However, it is in the apps, where growth can be clearly seen, after this market did not even exist a while ago and now with Google Play and other app sellers this market is literally growing by the minute, which for the consumer can only be a good thing!