First Look At The Statc Micro Pod



We love it when something new comes along and this is the Statc, it is a cool looking magnetic mounting system for cameras that could make the difference between taking a good picture and a great picture! It is not in the stores yet, but this is chance for anyone interested to get in on the ground floor through the crowd funding site Kickstarter.



This is what the designer Matthew Baty has to say about the Statc on his pitch for backers;


What is Statc? Statc is a portable magnetic camera pod with an adjustable ball head. It is great for urban and cityscape photography because these environments have metal surfaces everywhere such as railings, benches, light poles, meters and more.  It can be quickly attached and removed with virtually no setup time.  Unlike many ultra portable camera pods, Statc only needs a surface area of about 1 inch to be stably secured and the surface does not have to be level, such as round railings or stairway rails.



You can get your Statc order in early by pledging a minimum of $32 ($50) on the Statc Kickstarter page.


Source [The Statc]