My Processor Is Better Than Yours



Back in the day when computers were first becoming commercially available, you were judged by the size of the hard drive and by your processor, this of course is not done these days because there is between the machines in hard drive size and processor make. Therefore, this means that my processor is better than yours, because I have a better Trump card than you! Yes, you can now play trumps based on the processor printed on your cards, cool and retro all at the same time.



These are the features for the CPU Wars Trump Card Game;


CPU Wars is a trump card game built by computer geeks for computer geeks. Volume 1.0 has 30 CPUs that had the greatest impact on the desktop history. Important specs for each CPU are on each card, including things like maximum speed achieved and maximum number of transistors. During the game the deck is split between the players (best with 2-3, but up to 6 can play) and each player picks a category that they think they have the highest value card for.


Priced at £6.40 ($10)


Source [Geek Alerts]