This Laptop Sleeve Is Cush



It is hard to get excited about a laptop sleeve as they all do the same sort of thing and very rarely make any difference to the user. However, this is the Cush laptop sleeve and it claims to be something completely different to anything we may have seen before. It uses neoprene, so it is going to be tough and once unfolded, it acts a support for the wrist and on the sides, it gives the user some space for the mouse etc. Therefore, the Cush as it turns out is a slightly different kind of laptop sleeve.



Here are some details for the Cush laptop sleeve;


This product is designed to protect and serve! Cush is a laptop sleeve that unfolds into an ergonomic work station. The neoprene interior protects your computer while in transit. When unfolded, the front cover provides wrist support and the side panels do double duty as a mouse pad and padded rest for your phone, mp3 player, and other accessories. The modern design will help you work on the go in style.


Priced at £20 ($30)


Source [Quirky]



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