Glow In The Dark Case For The iPad



Here is something that is very different from anything else on the market at the moment and that is a skin for the latest edition of the iPad that will glow in the dark. This stuff will charge up in normal light and then when taken into dark conditions will then give a nice warm and green glow. It is ideal for all sorts of conditions, maybe the device is used by workers that often have to work in poorly lit areas or on the other hand during the winter if the power fails, the iPad will easily be found and could communications and light.



These are the features for the great looking glow in the dark skin for the iPad;


BCO Skins is very excited to show off our Glow in the Dark iPad (3rd Generation) Skins. We are the first and so far only company to make these Glow in the Dark iPad (3rd Generation) Skins for the latest version of the Apple iPad. They are very easy to install and require no heat. They only need a few minutes in the light and then they Glow in the Dark for hours. As always, they are Made in the USA and come with our Lifetime Replacements.



Priced at £24 ($35)


Source [Geek Alerts]