Soft Toys From Kids Drawings



This is Childs Own, a studio where the drawings of children become a reality! No longer, do children have to play with what the giant manufacturers want them to play with. It is a simple idea that needed a push in the right direction in order for it to become reality and that is where Wendy Tsao comes in. However, the success of this idea has meant that there is waiting list to get these soft toys made, how cool is that? Very cool we think!



Here is a little information on how the idea began;


Child’s Own Studio started with a simple idea: to make a recognizable comfort toy for a 4 year-old boy based on his drawing.  It was an idea that launched my home-based craft business. Since then, I’ve custom made a few hundred soft toys based on children’s drawings, each one as unique as the child who drew it.


Source [Childs Own]