Geekvites For Geeky Get Togethers



You can never find the right invitations when you are a geek, they are either too geeky or not geeky enough and either way you left disappointed. So what we need is a specialist in geeky designs who can knock out some geeky invites. That is exactly what Geekvites have done, with invites in the style of Doctor Who, Back To The Future and Jules Verne, your geeky party is complete.



These are the details for these fantastic looking geeky invitations;


Geekvites: beautiful Wedding Invitations and Save the Dates that WON’T get you disowned by your family! Mission: To bring you the best in geek themed wedding designs, be it our products or just something really awesome.


Prices start from £3.20 ($5)


Source [Nerd Approved]