LiquiGlide Solves The Ketchup Issue



How many times has a bottle of ketchup been thumped at the bottom only to deliver all of its contents over the table? Well LiquiGlide has been designed to stop that from happening ever again, in fact it is not just sauce that they are talking about here, any liquid that is thick and hard to remove from its container. LiquiGlide is a fine layer of material that lines the bottle and ensures that the contents are removed smoothly and with as little fuss as possible.



Here is what the people at LiquiGlide have to say about the cool idea for sauce bottles;


With condiment bottles there’s still a bunch of food left in the bottle when you throw it out. By our calculations, about 1 million pounds of food gets thrown out each year worldwide. Also, those squeeze bottles need a big cap. By eliminating the need for such a big cap, we’d save 25,000 tons of petroleum-based plastics each year.

How long has that almost-empty bottle been sitting in the side door of your fridge because it doesn’t look empty? Some condiments are so sticky that the sides are completely covered, even though the bottle is nearly empty. A LiquiGlide coating will let you see exactly how much food is left in the bottle!



Source [Geeks Are Sexy]