Make Your Ideas CLEAR With This Paint



There is nothing like thrashing out an idea by writing or drawing on the wall of the office, it must be something to do with it being so wrong that makes those creative brain waves flow. The beauty with CLEAR is that its invisible paint, so it can onto any surface to create a completely workable dry erase board. It costs around £150 to cover 50 sq feet, so it is quite cost effective too.



These are the details why CLEAR is a so cool to use when you just have to write on the wall;


Think waaaaay beyond the whiteboard with CLEAR, a new transparent top coat that delivers dry erase functionality to smooth surfaces of any colour. Apply directly over painted walls, or even wood, to create a seamless think-space that matches any décor. With CLEAR, your walls won’t look different, but they’ll act different. So will you.



Priced at £144 ($225) for a 50 sq ft kit


Source [Oh Gizmo]