No Need To Stir With This Whirlpool Pot



Here is a case where careful design has created a useful and handy addition to the kitchen. Stirring soups and sauces is boring and takes a long time, which is why they often catch at the base and are ruined. This pot design prevents that from happening, it is called the Kuru-Kuru Nabe (Pot Round and Round) and its design creates a whirlpool using thermodynamics, cooking will never be the same again.



These are the details for the interesting Pot Round and Round stirring saucepan;


Product manufacturing company is enjoying looking like to propose a new product with this idea, the sales trader. Has not been commercialized yet, but I’m sorry) Note: If you wish to purchase, please wait a little more.



Currently this is a concept idea, but you can see this featuring in a many kitchens should it get into production.


Source [Gizmodo]