The Daylight Viewfinder For The iPhone



This is an idea that will make taking picture outside with an iPhone a breeze, simply add the lens to the device and with the app provided taking an image with no glare will be easy. However, before this device hits the stores, there is a matter of raising enough funds and that is where once again the crowd funding site Kickstarter comes in.



Here are some of the features for the Daylight Viewfinder;


The Daylight Viewfinder app shrinks the live camera image down to a size that fits under the eyepiece, and the eyepiece blocks out the surrounding light. The eyepiece also magnifies and focuses the image.  Even though the resolution of the live image you see is reduced, Apple’s Retina display is so good that you still get a great view of what the picture will look like.  Above left is a screen capture of the iPhone’s display showing what was seen through the viewfinder and on the right is the picture of Mt. Hood that the iPhone took using the Daylight Viewfinder.



You can back this project with from just £13 ($20) on the Kickstarter site and in the process get a nice discount.


Source [Mashable]



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